• Our national study of recently ordained clergy was designed to answer a question: How do clergy move most effectively from education into action as religious leaders?

    Click on the image above to find out how we set out to answer that question, and what we discovered.

  • Adjusting to being ordained can take a tremendous amount of time and introspection. How can new clergy gain confidence in this role, and what types of programs best assist them in the transition from seminarian to pastor, priest, or minister?

  • How effectively are future clergy currently being prepared to meet the needs and challenges of a changing church in a changing world? Here’s what the three-year Clergy Into Action Study has been able to determine.

How helpful are Transition into Ministry programs?

One priest describes hers as "priceless"

The Rev. Monica Pereira recounts how lessons she learned in her Transition into Ministry program helped her survive a challenging first assignment at a church in the Caribbean.


Pastoral Leader Peer Groups

How Can I Organize One?

If your seminary or denomination doesn't have a clergy support group in your geographic area, you may want to create one of your own. Here are some resources to get you started.