Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry

Author and pastor Margaret Marcuson suggests that the key to sustainable ministry is focusing on your inner resources for proactive leadership, instead of trying harder to help, fix or change others.

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The Connection

The blog of the Clergy Health Initiative at Duke Divinity School, the Connection offers information and inspiration for clergy pursuing wellness.

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Confidence Without Clarity

A 2013 article in Leadership Journal discusses how church leaders can approach sharing their vision for a congregation while experiencing uncertainty.

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Lending Your Leadership: How Pastors Are Redefining Their Role in Community Life

Baptist pastor Nelson Granade explains in this brief book how clergy can play a unique leadership role in community life.

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Seek, Know and Serve the People Within Your Reach

A short book by church consultant and leadership coach Tom Bandy offers tools to help congregations get to know their communities.

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How to Crowdsource Placemaking

Bill Habicht, pastor of Davis Community Church in Davis, CA, suggests how crowdsourcing can help us create the communities we want, in this 13-minute TEDTalk.

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Insights Into Congregational Conflict

Conclusions about congregational conflict, based on the Faith Communities Today 2000 national survey of 14,301 congregations. Available as a free downloadable PDF file.

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Discover Your Conflict Management Style

Speed Leas’s short book introduces his conflict management style instrument, which is based on the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) but has been adapted and expanded for use in religious congregations.

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10 Essential Skills the Next Generation of Religious Leaders Will Need

An article describing why tomorrow’s religious leaders will need to be entrepreneurial and communicate in new ways, available on the Insights into Religion website.

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Disruption and Leadership Development in Mainline Protestantism

An article from Duke University’s Faith & Leadership website describes how clergy leadership development will benefit from experiments in disruptive innovation.

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