Maintaining Personal Resiliency: Lessons Learned from Evangelical Protestant Clergy

This scientific article on clergy and personal resiliency from the Winter 2003 issue of the Journal of Psychology and Theology can be purchased for download for $5.

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First Call Theological Education Survey

A 2002 study of rostered church leaders in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) researched the effectiveness of clergy formation.

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Parallel Development: A Pathway for Exploring Change and a New Future in Congregational Life

A 24-page booklet available as a free downloadable PDF explains how to use parallel development to manage change and potential conflict in a congregation.

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Just Because You Can Preach Doesn’t Make You a Communicator

A Q & A interview with communication scholar Maria Dixon Hall examines where church communications are failing and how they can be improved.

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10 Steps to Stronger Nonprofit Communications

Marketing and communications consultant Jill Rasmussen provides strategies for more effective nonprofit communications.

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Examples of Organizational Communication Networks

This quick article from the online version of the Houston Chronicle describes four different types of organizational communication networks.

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Organizational Communication chapter – open source book on communication studies

Learn key concepts in organizational communication from this chapter in Survey of Communication Study in Wikibooks.

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What is Organizational Communication?

A 17-minute video by Matt Koschmann, a communications professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, introduces the basics of organizational communication.

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The Association of Theological Schools

The “In the News” section of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) website links to online articles about current trends in theological education, from a variety of media sources.

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Do We Still Need Seminaries?

The PARSE blog, by two editors of Leadership Journal, raises the question of the necessity of a seminary education and gets a interesting range of responses in the “Comments” section.

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