Challenges Faced by Seminaries Today

This article on the Inside Higher Ed website explores the challenges faced by those who work to provide future clergy with a seminary education.

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5 Things I Wish I’d Learned in Seminary

A variety of bloggers share their personal lists of clergy formation missing pieces, on the website of The Presbyterian Outlook magazine.

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10 Things Seminary Never Taught Me

Personal reflections from H.B. London Jr., vice president of Ministry Outreach/Pastoral Ministries for Focus on the Family.

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What They Didn’t Teach You In Seminary

Dr. James Emery White of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary discusses the ways in which a seminary education does not prepare clergy for ministry in a congregation.

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FCS Urban Ministries

The website of Focused Community Strategies (FCS) reports on the actions and lessons learned by this community-based collective in Atlanta, GA, which strives to transform distressed urban neighborhoods through Christian community development.

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Toxic Charity

In 200-odd pages, this book, subtitled How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help (And How to Reverse It), takes a close look at the unintentional damage that can be done by unexamined ministries, particularly church mission trips.

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How to Write a Prayer – Suggestions from

Practical advice on how to write a prayer that will work well spoken aloud as part of an alternative worship or emergent church service.

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Alternative Worship Research Directory

An online directory to resources about the creative Christian worship movement often called alternative worship, postmodern worship, or the emergent church.

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The SALT Project

Find creative inspiration on this progressive Christian website featuring original film, music, and writings.

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Ministry Best Practices

This blog by Bill Reichart, an evangelical minister educated at Reformed Theological Seminary, offers suggestions for innovative ministry in areas such as leadership, small groups, and fundraising.

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