Resources - Navigating Your First Clergy Position

The Right Start: Beginning Ministry in a New Setting

A video-based training resource for clergy transitioning to a new setting, created by the Lewis Center for Church Leadership at Wesley Theological Seminary.

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Raising the Roof: The Pastoral-to-Program Size Transition

This book is a resource designed specifically for a congregational learning team at a church transitioning from pastoral-size to program-size.

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How to Hit the Ground Running: A Quick-Start Guide for Congregations with New Leadership

Designed for new clergy, this workbook walks you from one month prior to arrival through the first 18 months.

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The Business of the Church: The Uncomfortable Truth that Faithful Ministry Requires Effective Management

This book weaves the realities of congregational dynamics and faith-centered purpose together with practical, proven approaches to business management.

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Overview of Church Size Theory

Free PDFs and an MS PowerPoint presentation about how church size effects the culture of a congregation.

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The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our Leaders

This book explores how individuals need to play both the leader and follower role adeptly to be most effective.

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Pygmalion Effect Training Activity

A case study approach to discussing expectations and their repercussions as a group, available free online from CRM Learning.

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Leadership and Expectations: Pygmalion Effects and Other Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in Organizations

This 1992 scientific paper details how self-fulfilling prophecies work in the management of industrial, sales, and military organizations.

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Use the Pygmalion Effect to Create a High Performing Team

A leadership coach describes how your expectations shape the performance and development of the people you lead.

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The Pygmalion Effect and the Power of Positive Expectations

Free six-minute video explaining how your initial perceptions and expectations of others can greatly impact the performance of the group.

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